Rear Screen Replacement

Can my rear screen be repaired?

Unfortunately we're unable to repair your rear screen due to the toughened glass and the heater elements used in most modern vehicles. This means that your rear screen needs replacing or securing before you can safely drive again.

How is the rear screen replaced?

We always ensure the bodywork and interior of your car is protected before starting on your rear screen replacement. This is followed up by cleaning away any broken glass from the initial damage before removing the seals or glue that held the rear screen in place.

Only glass manufactured to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards is used to ensure that all replacement glass is as before. Auto Windscreens provide a quality and guarantee service  with every glass replacement so that customers have full peace of mind.

If your rear screen can't be replaced immediately, a technician may need to secure your vehicle temporarily until a replacement can be complete.

How can I get my rear screen replaced?

The simplest and quickest way is to book your replacement online and we'll be in touch to confirm your chosen time and location. All paperwork is managed between us and your insurer so that you receive a hassle free experience from start to finish!

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