3 days to go

Only 3 days until our 50th Anniversary!

Today on our trip down memory lane we are going to hear from Nigel Davies who was the Managing Director of Auto Windscreens when Markerstudy acquired the business. Many of you will know Nigel and how he embraced the new era.

The atmosphere at Auto Windscreens around February 2011 was very low due to the business going into administration.

The collapse of the business made the national news and was even mentioned in Parliament. The impact was especially felt where the head office is based, in Chesterfield, as Auto Windscreens was the biggest private employer in the area by some way.

When Markerstudy came to the rescue, it sent a buzz through the team that remained. We had to work very quickly to ensure the new structure was fit-for-purpose and met with Markerstudy’s approval.

Markerstudy welcomes Auto WindscreensMarkerstudy welcomes Auto Windscreens

Markerstudy welcomes Auto Windscreens

It was this enthusiasm and desire for success that made Auto Windscreens an attractive proposition for Markerstudy. We had to relaunch with virtually no customers, but with determination from everyone in Auto Windscreens and Markerstudy Group, the business grew rapidly.

It was a revelation when Kevin first visited Chesterfield and told us the story of the group. His tour of the country, where he met everyone employed, set the tone for years to come.

Our first Christmas party came as a wonderful surprise to everyone as we had never experienced anything like this previously. The passion Markerstudy has for the development of its people is remarkable and has helped create a completely new culture in the business.