Assuring the quality: Michelle Giaramita gives the inside track on Auto Windscreens’ customer service standards.


In celebration of National Customer Service Week, we’ve been talking quality assurance (QA) with Michelle Giaramita, one of four QA Auditors at Auto Windscreens. Michelle, part of the company’s Shooting Stars programme for future leaders, knows just what to look for when it comes to keeping high customer service standards.

Tell us about Auto Windscreens’ customers and their needs?
Auto Windscreens’ end customer base is made up of insurance policyholders, fleet drivers and cash buyers requiring vehicle glass repairs and replacements. We are tasked with treating everyone fairly, providing the same high-level service, while also considering their specific needs.

What does QA involve?
The QA team ensure all Auto Windscreens’ agents give our customers a bespoke, effective and reassuring journey, whilst also meeting the business’ requirements. Every agent is assessed monthly through various formats to make sure they have the required skills and knowledge, and to promote individual development and growth.

The QA process is in place to protect the customer and the business. It means we can effectively safeguard alongside regulation requirements, such as GDPR and Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), while also measuring the service that we provide to each and every customer on a daily basis.

The core task within my role is remote call listening. Points are achieved for both technical and customer satisfaction elements of the customer journey. We aim to ensure agents are going above and beyond to provide the best possible service.

What makes a ‘great’ call?
We’re looking for agents to demonstrate empathy above all else. We want to hear them relating to the customer, understanding their needs and, essentially, putting themselves in the caller’s shoes. They should look to build a rapport, gain trust, but keep to the correct procedures outlined by Auto Windscreens.

Within our company we have a Customer Charter; it’s important that we see staff embrace and reflect this within every customer interaction.

How do you feedback to staff?
Offering staff support and coaching is very important to us.  

We hold monthly face-to-face meetings with agents to provide feedback. We’ll discuss calls we’ve listened to, celebrate and recognise parts of the call that went well and, through various coaching methods, help nurture and develop their skills. We feel it’s positive to have targets.

Staff who are within their probationary period or are part the ALEX apprenticeship scheme are provided with additional sessions based on their individual learning journey, giving them extra support and guidance to allow them to progress and grow within their role.

We also hold ‘buzz’ sessions and focus groups on specific subject matters we’ve proactively identified for improvement and growth. These are designed to be relaxed so open conversations can take place, with people at different levels reflecting on processes and putting forward new ideas. The sessions have proved very successful in promoting change for the better when managing customer calls. The discussions ultimately promote quality.

How is success rewarded?
An agent who achieves a 100% score receives a special pin to wear with pride on their lanyard, and joins the Quality Assurance Elite Club – it’s a highly sought after achievement! We love to celebrate our customer service heroes! This award is specific to QA but those who are excelling in this area could possibly receive Talent Recognition reward cheques and other ‘above and beyond’ recognition. Our company is very much focused on rewarding staff for their achievements. We believe in going the extra mile!

How does QA fit within the wider Auto Windscreens business
Harmoniously. We work closely, not only with agents, but their Team Leaders and Senior Management. Our goals are the same – to give customers the best possible service! We know where we fit in Auto Windscreens’ service jigsaw puzzle and others ensure we’re kept up to speed with anything which may impact on our QA monitoring, like process changes that require us to adopt a revised scoring system.

QA is crucial to Auto Windscreens’ reputation, keeping customer service at the forefront of everything that we do. It ensures our customers receive the highest possible standard of service on each and every occasion.