Half of Auto Windscreens’ technicians now using Panther Fit-Glass

Panther Fit Glass 2 (2).jpg

Panther Tool’s Panther Fit-Glass has proved a hit among Auto Windscreens’ technicians, resulting in the purchase of an additional 100 units to be used across the company’s UK network, following the initial roll out of 50 earlier this year. 

The motorised windscreen removal and fitting system assists technicians to precision lift large HGV, LGV and car glass, including panoramic roofs, during replacement vehicle glass appointments. Two technicians would have previously been required to safely handle such parts.

The equipment, part of Panther Tool’s Panther Pro range, is simple to set up, taking two minutes, and is easy to manoeuvre using a handheld controller. Demonstrating its usefulness, one technician completed 42 replacements over 12 weeks using the technology, highlighting its potential to add value to company operations.

“Half of our technicians now have Panther Fit-Glass,” commented James MacBeth, Auto Windscreen’s Managing Director. “The feedback from staff has been highly positive and the tool is really making a difference to our business, increasing the number of jobs we can complete by removing a labour-intensive step of the windscreen replacement process.”

By 2020 the company expects all technicians to have Panther Fit-Glass.

Panther Pro’s extensive range of professional tools are widely used by Auto Windscreens, with Fit-Glass being one of its newest product additions.

Mark Holmes, Owner of Panther Tools, added: “Hearing that Auto Windscreens is embracing this new technology is fantastic and their comments reaffirm that the products we’re developing are making a real difference to technicians’ health and safety at work, while also helping customers save money. Working with such a forward thinking company like Auto Windscreens is always a pleasure as we push each other to innovate and adopt new ways of working.”