MOT Regulations

Can my car fail an MOT because of the windscreen?

Yes as a windscreen is crucial to a driver's visibility, an MOT takes into consideration the state of your windscreen and the impact any damage may have on the driver's visibility.

As a small windscreen chip can easily develop into a crack, or result in a failed MOT, it's important you have your windscreen chip repaired before your MOT assessment.

Will my windscreen pass an MOT?

The condition of your windscreen is an important part of an MOT test, as reduced visibility whilst driving could put you and other drivers in danger.

For your car to pass an MOT, the windscreen must not have a chip, larger than 10mm, in line of your sight while driving. A chip larger than 40mm anywhere else on the windscreen can also result in a failed MOT.

A small windscreen chip within the driver's line of vision could cause a windscreen to fail an MOT test. This will mean that you need a windscreen repair or  replacement before passing an MOT test. If you're in doubt and want practical advice on your windscreen, contact our expert team on 0800 999 5000 01246 216200 .

If a testing station has notified you that the MOT has failed due to the condition of your windscreen, book an appointment online and we'll ensure you drive away with an MOT pass in sight!

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