Total Customer Satisfaction

Auto Windscreens doesn’t just want to meet expectations; it wants to exceed them at every step of the repair journey. This ethos is at the heart of all its operations and is the essence of the business.

Behind this desire to deliver 100% satisfaction is Auto Windscreens' drive to be the best in its industry; a title firmly held by the organisation when it comes to service!

Windscreen damage often leaves drivers upset and in need of help. Auto Windscreens recognises that such motorists look to the company as a source of support and reassurance, and for a quick resolution to their problem.

Auto Windscreens has built its systems, processes and workforce training around ensuring the repair/replacement journey is smooth and hassle free for every customer.


Improving efficiency and monitoring satisfaction has not only strengthened the Auto Windscreens’ offering, it has also led to Auto Windscreens receiving multiple award wins: