How to make a complaint

At Auto Windscreens we are dedicated to delivering a first class level of service to all customers. We welcome any comments on the services we provide – in the form of both compliments and complaints. We accept that things can occasionally go wrong and would encourage you to tell us about any concerns you have so that we can take steps to make sure the service you receive meets your expectations in the future.

Need Help?

If a dispute regarding your glass claim does arise, the first step is to talk to a member of the Customer Services Team. This can be done either by telephoning us or dropping us a line by email or by letter if you prefer.


Telephone: 0800 3898596
Address: Customer Service, Britannia House, Storforth Lane, Chesterfield S40 2UZ

Response Time

Where we are unable to resolve your complaint by the end of the third business day after receipt, you can expect the following from us:
• Acknowledgement of your complaint in writing within 5 business days after receipt. This will state who is handling the complaint.
• We will aim to resolve your complaint within 4 weeks of receipt, unless the matter is very complicated, such as where other organisations need to be contacted. Where this is the case, we will still let you know what action is being taken and tell you when we expect to provide you with a final response.
• Our goal is to ensure that you receive a final response letter within 8 weeks of receipt of your complaint. If we are still unable to provide you with a final response at this stage, we will write to you explaining why, and advise when you can expect a final response.

What is a final response?

This letter should clarify the final position in relation to your complaint and any actions agreed going forward.

If you have received a final response but are still dissatisfied, you may refer your complaint back to you Insurance Policy Provider who will liaise with Auto Windscreens.