Coronavirus partner statement

Updated 5 November 2020 

Dear Auto Windscreens community,

At Auto Windscreens, we’re committed to the wellbeing of our staff, customers and general public. We are, therefore, closely following guidance that has been issued by the UK government, NHS and regulated bodies in relation to COVID-19.

We will continue to monitor changes to new national lockdown measures and the impact it is having on demand in geographical areas. We are remaining fully open and will be looking to be flexible in operating hours, opening of sites and managing resource to ensure we meet demand for your customers. We have begun already to see drop off in demand in areas already affected by regional lockdown, due to road volumes reducing, therefore we will continue to monitor incoming requests for service over the next few weeks and will provide regular communications.

Our focus remains firmly on reinforcing safe working polices among staff and we are providing regular updates to our agents on how to deal with customers or staff who have coronavirus symptoms, have tested positive or are in isolation for travel or medical reasons.

We are also continuing to incorporate additional communications to customers via text messages, internet and social media, as well as on front office calls to keep them up-to-date with any alterations to our service offering. Our message to customers is available below, which includes mobile appointment coronavirus safety procedures: Customer COVID-19 message.

Please see below for our updated business continuity plans for fitting hub and mobile appointments.

We understand that it’s important for you to know your customers are receiving a safe service from Auto Windscreens and that’s why we promise to keep in touch with any further changes.

Please stay safe and look after one another.

Best wishes
James Reynolds
Commercial and Sales Director, Auto Windscreens

Business continuity plans for fitting hub and mobile appointments

Our business continuity plans for a Pandemic have been updated and we have now moved to the following measures from 5/11/2020:

Fitting hub appointments -

We will:

  • Give base customers an exact appointment time and request them to arrive promptly
  • Ask customers to attend their appointment alone wherever possible, as this will allow us to maintain social distancing in our customer areas
  • Ask all customers entering our sites to download the NHS COVID-19 app prior to arrival
  • Ensure all of our sites in England and Wales display the QR code which enables customers and visitors to scan using the NHS COVID-19 app
  • Ask all customers to wear a face covering when entering our premises
  • Enforce a ‘one in/one out’ policy in our waiting areas
  • Display clear signage at all sites to inform visitors of our policies
  • Maintain a daily cleansing system for all public and staff areas
  • Ensure all of our technicians  wear nitrile gloves whilst working on vehicles
  • Maintain a ‘no contact’ handover upon completion of the work and adhere to two metre social distancing guidance
  • Provide hand washing/drying facilities for all visitors and staff at our sites
  • Ensure a safe distance policy is maintained in our workshops by adopting staggered start times and staff continuing to social distance as per the latest government guidelines
  • Ask customers to remove any used face masks, gloves and disposable wipes from their vehicle before their technician arrives
  • Track and communicate to staff and customers if a member of staff tests positive to COVID-19
  • Provide all of our technicians with hand sanitiser to sanitise their hands before and after each job
  • Provide all of our technicians with vehicle sanitiser to sanitise the common touch points on the vehicle, as well as the vehicle keys before and after each job

Mobile appointments -

  • Contact centre staff will inform customers on initial call to expect instructions via email
  • Customers will receive a text message at 4pm the day before their appointment with a link to our customer coronavirus message on the website
  • Customers are called prior to arrival by our technician
  • Technicians are advised to regularly wash their hands and ensure they wear nitrile gloves whilst working on vehicle
  • Technicians will not ask customers to leave their homes or meet at the Auto Windscreens vehicle
  • Technicians are advised to adhere to social distancing recommendations and will keep a distance of over two meters between themselves and the customer at all times
  • Technicians will avoid unnecessary contact with the customer. On completion of the job, they will ask if the customer is satisfied with their work and sign the computer tablet on behalf of the customer. They will NOT pass the tablet to the customer for either a survey or their signature
  • Existing and new customers will be kept informed of the ongoing situation and any changes via email


Measures currently in place for Auto Windscreens staff

  • All front and back office staff able to work from home are doing so
  • Additional equipment and mobile devices have been deployed to enable more staff to work from home
  • Information and advice has been provided for staff to recognise coronavirus symptoms and when to self-isolate
  • Additional communications and tracking process is in place if staff test positive for COVID-19
  • We are observing recommendations for social distancing in offices for staff by increasing home working and utilising unused office space
  • Staff sickness, downtime levels and forecasts for the coming day/week/month are being monitored daily
  • Daily updates are being communicated via the Intranet and email to all staff with the latest information received from Public Health England
  • Customers are receiving text messages asking them to let us know if they are affected by the COVID-19 so we can delay their appointment if appropriate
  • Advice from Public Health England is displayed at all sites
  • Conference calls/video calls are encouraged with customers, suppliers and internal teams rather than face-to-face meetings
  • All suppliers and dealerships have been requested to share their plans and BCP

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our sales support team via or 01246 216312.


Our message to customers

Customer coronavirus message