A Night of Solidarity and Support

Ashgate sparkle walk.png

In an exceptional demonstration of community spirit and altruism, three of our dedicated staff members stepped up to participate in the Ashgate Hospice Sparkle Walk 2023. We are incredibly proud of Libby Slaney, Lily Anderson, and Craig Collyer for their heartfelt contributions to this event.

The walk took place on the 1st of July, 2023, providing an ideal opportunity for our team members to support it through 'Motiv8', our internal initiative to support worthy causes. This staff-driven project allows our team to dedicate their time and energy to a charity of their choosing, and on this occasion, Ashgate Hospice was the chosen beneficiary.

Craig Collyer played a significant role as a marshal along Hasland Road. Stationed from 8:00 PM at Pedmore Close, Craig ensured all walkers maintained a safe path, all the while cheering them on and even taking on the role of a 'bin man'. His post officially ended at 11:40 PM, but Craig's dedication didn't stop there.

Noticing the growing chaos on Storforth Lane, with participants straying into the road, Craig chose to extend his service. He managed to guide the walkers back onto the path, keeping them safe until 2:00 AM. In a final act of dedication, he assisted in gathering the event materials and returning them to the Ashgate Hospice site on the Storforth Lane Industrial Estate.

Meanwhile, Lily Anderson and Libby Slaney marshalled along Dundonald Road and Baden Powell Road. Their responsibilities spanned from directing the walkers along the right route to ensuring their safety by encouraging them to stay on the pavement. And of course, they enthusiastically cheered on every participant. Their shift ran from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Through their actions, Libby, Lily, and Craig have demonstrated the heart of our organisation - a spirit of service and community support. We applaud their efforts and are grateful to have such committed individuals as part of our team.

The Ashgate Hospice Sparkle Walk 2023 was a success, filled with moments of unity, warmth, and, above all, sparkle, much of which can be attributed to our fantastic team members. Here's to many more events of such significance and impact!

Interested in learning more about Ashgate Hospice and their invaluable work? Explore their initiatives and ways to get involved by visiting the Ashgate Hospice website.