‘Clearly going places’ for charity

Cornwall Air Ambulance.jpg

We’ve always been keen to help the community around us, and have embarked on a campaign to feature charities selected by our technicians on the rear doors of our vans. We’re planning to add to this number in 2020.

Most recently we revamped 15 vans in Redruth, Exeter, Plymouth and Yeovil with liveries supporting Cornwall Air Ambulance, which flies more than 750 lifesaving missions each year throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. It relies on donations to operate and is currently fundraising to purchase a next generation ambulance helicopter in 2020 through its New Heli Appeal.

Five-year-old epilepsy sufferer, Ffion Hughes also inspired us to launch eight special Young Epilepsy charity-branded vans across Milton Keynes, Northampton and Oxford. We were made aware of the cause through Ffion’s cousin, Ellie Ribbans, Supervisor at our Central North Area Deployment Centre.

Ffion suffered up to 50 seizures a day when she was born and is unable to walk or speak. She has a very rare gene mutation called STXBP1 and as a result suffers with severe epilepsy. She has been undergoing treatment to help control the condition since birth and her mum, Louise, says Young Epilepsy has been vital in providing support at every stage of the family’s journey. Young Epilepsy is the only UK charity dedicated to creating better lives for children and young people with epilepsy and other related conditions.