‘Go West’ - data shows an ‘escape to the country’


Our data has shown the proportion of work being requested in Cornwall this year has increased by more than a third (38.7%), with online bookings in the county up by an impressive 641.9%.

Work in the St. Austell area in particular, has seen an increase of 495.5%. Interestingly, there’s been a 11.1% reduction in the volume of London-based jobs compared to 2019.

James Reynolds, Auto Windscreens’ Commercial and Sales Director, said: “Our data suggests the trend started by the pandemic to ‘go West’ and ‘escape to the country’ continues. It supports the findings by Right Move last year, as Cornwall replaced London as the most searched-for place to live in Britain. The reduction in the volume of jobs in the capital is also due to more people now working remotely, away from the office.

“Our Management Information provides us and our insurer partners with invaluable information, pinpointing where we’re seeing the most demand and allowing us to understand buying habits in the changeable market. Wherever our customers are and wherever they choose to have their windscreens repaired or replaced, rest assured, we’ll be there. Like them, we’re clearly going places!”