Panther Fit-Glass lifting technology deployed across Auto Windscreens

Panther Fit-Glass.JPG

A unique motorised windscreen removal and fitting system has been launched across Auto Windscreens’ UK vehicle glass replacement network this month, saving the business time and money.

Panther Fit-Glass assists technicians to precision lift large HGV, LGV and car glass, including panoramic roofs, during replacement appointments. Two technicians would have previously been required to safely handle such parts.

The equipment, part of Panther Tool’s Panther Pro range, is simple to set up, taking two minutes, and is easy to manoeuvre using a handheld controller. During an initial trial late last year, one technician completed 42 replacements over 12 weeks using the technology, demonstrating its potential to add value to company operations.

“The impact Fit-Glass will have on our business is significant and we expect a quick return on our investment in 50 units,” said James MacBeth, Auto Windscreens’ Operations Director. “Technicians who would have been required to support colleagues to move and fit large windscreens can now be deployed to other customer appointments, ultimately improving our lead times and overall cost-effectiveness.”

Panther Pro’s extensive range of professional tools are widely used by Auto Windscreens, with Fit-Glass being one of its newest product additions.

Mark Holmes, Owner of Panther Tools, commented: “We are proud to be associated with such a forward thinking company, recognising the benefits of the Fit-Glass system, and welcome the commitment of a national company to make the job of their staff easier.”