The glass industry specialists that take on the heavyweights

Plant van.jpg (1)

Telescopic handlers, airside vehicles, tractors and quarry machines – this is the world of the plant glass technician. Far removed from the cars and vans serviced by Auto Windscreens’ Fitting Hub and mobile workforce, these guys work to vastly different requirements, taking on equipment heavyweights.

These technicians are true specialists; industry experts who have spent years cultivating their talents and honing flat laminate cutting skills. They’ve built relationships, worked hard to create opportunities and are tuned into their niche customers’ needs.

While striving to the same high standard as is delivered across Auto Windscreens, plant technicians have airside clearance, quarry passports, specialist protective equipment, harness training, working at heights certification… the list goes on! Their vehicles are adapted too, having beacon lights, reversing cameras and exclusive livery – all not featured on the rest of the company’s near 300-strong fleet. They are simply unique!

It’s a fascinating world they enter when visiting some of the locations they service. Heathrow’s complex on-site road and tunnel network is an impressive hidden village, whilst the enormity of some quarries is a sight to behold. There are obvious dangers present when working on vehicles in such respect commanding arenas but plant technicians are well-versed in correct protocols to maintain safety; they have to be.

Increasingly these professionals are being called to housing development sites as the Government looks to reach its home-building targets. Such call-outs are orchestrated through preferred and sole supplier contracts that afford fixed repair rates for plant providers. Through these partnerships, technicians give a personal service, learning how each customer prefers to work, and offering convenience. Tight service delivery timescales are, understandably, a prerequisite. Planes need to take off on time and projects need to stay on track; glass must be fixed or fitted quickly!

One large-scale plant company we work with operates over 5,000 plant assets and has needed over 1,100 glass replacements in the past year. 95% of these have been completed next day and within 2.5 hours of arrival on-site to limit disruption. This is the level of service technicians are tasked to meet… it isn’t easy as they cover large areas, but they do it!

Transparency is also appreciated and a given by this dedicated team. Video inspections have really been a game-changer when it comes to transparency, with pre- and post-work inspections proving particularly useful in offering protection to both parties, while giving partners a clear view of their equipment. Plant machinery is often loaned out so giving them sight of their vehicles ensures they are being well-looked after.

So, there you have it! A little insight in to the world of a plant technician. This growing team of experts within Auto Windscreens’ undoubtedly enjoy what they do; it’s clear from their interaction and commitment! We will continue to nurture their skills and give this specialist group credit where credit is due!