ADAS Calibration

What does ADAS mean?

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are designed to improve driver comfort and convenience, whilst also making driving safer by helping to reduce collisions. They include automated, adaptive and enhanced vehicle technologies.

Examples of ADAS:
• adaptive cruise control
• lane departure warnings
• automated lighting.

ADAS function from multiple data sources, including Radar, LIDAR, Forward Facing Camera and Ultrasonic.

Why is ADAS calibration needed after a windscreen replacement?

Calibration is the process of realigning cameras and sensors, usually attached to windscreens, which input information and ultimately control a vehicle’s ADAS features.

Technicians have to disconnect cameras and sensors when replacing a windscreen. Upon reconnection, the camera alignment could be compromised and new glass placement may differ fractionally (we’re talking 2mm). Calibration is needed to restore all systems to the exact position and condition they were in originally, pre-windscreen replacement.

How does Auto Windscreens handle calibrations?

Auto Windscreens' dedicated team review the specific features of your vehicle to identify what parts are required, what ADAS is included and your location. This allows them to arrange the right appointment and location for your glass replacement and calibration to be completed. 

Our calibration solution provides:
• Access to manufacturer dealerships. 
• Stamped completion certification.
• Calibration for any vehicle make or model.
• Global vehicle diagnostics checks before and after.

Are you an insurer, fleet, bodyshop or manufacturer-approved dealership?

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