Windscreen technician repairs a chip

Windscreen Repair

Repair costs

Most insurance policies include the cost of windscreen chip repairs as part of the premium, meaning a repair will not cost you any more. However, some insurance policies may carry a small excess charge, but we'll confirm everything up-front so there will be no surprises.

If your policy doesn't cover windscreen repairs, we will provide you with a competitive quote to help you back on the road without breaking the bank!

Repair rather than replace

We always endeavour to repair your windscreen rather than replace. Once we have assessed your damage, we'll advise you on the necessary work required. Regardless of your situation, we are committed to providing a hassle free service 24/7, at a time and location to suit you.

Cracked windscreen

Unfortunately cracked windscreens can't be repaired. However, if you're unsure what repair work is required for your windscreen, our expert advisers can guide you on the next steps.

When dealing with cracks, we recommend having your windscreen replaced at the next available opportunity otherwise you could be at risk while driving.