Windscreen Replacement

Replacement costs

Most fully comprehensive motor insurance policies cover your windscreen replacement. The excess you pay depends on your individual policy. Please check your insurance policy documentation for more information.

However, if your policy doesn't cover windscreen replacement, we will provide you with a competitive quote to help you back on the road without breaking the bank!

Side or rear window replacement

An essential safety feature of both the side and rear windows means they crumble into small granular chunks when broken, rather than splintering into random jagged shards. If you have suffered any damage to either your side or rear window you will require a new window.

If it isn’t possible to immediately replace your side or rear window, we will temporarily secure your vehicle so you can safely drive your vehicle until a replacement is installed.

Securing your vehicle

Before any glass replacement is carried out on your vehicle, we always ensure that the interior is protected and any broken glass is removed.

If we're unable to replace the glass, then we will endeavour to provide a secure temporary solution until we complete the replacement.

Once we apply a temporary solution you are safe to drive your vehicle.

What's more, we do not charge for our temporary solutions as this is included in your original quote or excess payment.