Auto Windscreens certified as a carbon neutral business

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Auto Windscreens is delighted to announce that it has become a carbon neutral business by establishing a carbon reduction plan and offsetting remaining emissions to support CO2 minimising projects around the world.

The company worked with BP Target Neutral to gain Carbon Neutral Certification. BP Target Neutral is a carbon management programme and has over ten years’ experience helping its customers reduce their emissions.

To gain certification, Auto Windscreens defined and measured its carbon footprint, put carbon lowering initiatives in place and then offset residual emissions through the purchase of carbon credits from BP Target Neutral. These carbon credits are issued to the latter by projects across the globe that are making measureable carbon reductions, with one credit equalling one tonne of CO2e.

Projects include the protection of Zambia’s forests, distribution of cook stoves in Mexico and hydropower development in China. These schemes are selected by an independent project selection forum and comply with standards approved by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance that ensure emissions reductions are real, measureable, permanent, additional, independently verified and unique. 

Rupert Armitage, Auto Windscreens’ Managing Director, commented: “As a conscientious business with a busy vehicle fleet and over 40 buildings around the UK, we have a responsibility to set an example and mitigate our carbon impact on the planet.”

He added: “By putting in place a CO2 reduction plan and offsetting currently unavoidable carbon emissions on an ongoing basis, including fuel, electricity and gas, we can offer the same high-quality service while, at the same time, minimising our environmental footprint and helping progress some hugely important initiatives across the globe.”

Since 2006, BP Target Neutral has offset three million tonnes of carbon on behalf of customers – the equivalent to taking around 1.3 million* cars off the road for a year. Auto Windscreens will now add to this growing number and is driving other eco-friendly initiatives across the business, including the introduction of electric vehicles and the rollout of electric vehicle charging points across its network. It also actively promotes improved driver behaviour through the use of telematics, which also aids its emissions reduction through increased vehicle efficiency.