Auto Windscreens recycles over nine blue whales worth of glass a year!

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Focussed on limiting its environmental impact, Auto Windscreens has announced that in the last twelve months it has recycled a staggering 1,246 tonnes of vehicle glass –  the equivalent weight to around nine blue whales*!

This is up from the previous year, according to the company’s waste removal partner, Berryman. It recorded a whopping 850 tonnes of damaged windscreens and door glass collected for processing and reuse, usually to make drinking glasses and bottles. 

Bruce Bahlaj, Auto Windscreens’ Health and Safety Manager, said: “Every single bit of glass we remove from our customers’ vehicles is recycled. It is vital to prevent unnecessary landfill contributions and is something we feel passionately about. As a business we’re mindful of our Corporate Social Responsibility and it’s one of a number of ‘green’ initiatives we have in place.”

Keen to ‘do its bit’ for the environment, Auto Windscreens’ policy is to repair rather than replace windscreens where possible to reduce wastage and nearly all glass it fits contains some recycled glass.

The company also recently became a carbon neutral business, establishing a carbon reduction plan and offsetting remaining emissions to support CO2 minimising projects around the world.

*Based on a blue whale weighing 130 tonnes. Source: