Behind the Scenes with Ministerial Praise

Robert Halfon visit to Harlow.png

On Friday 15 March, we were honoured to welcome a distinguished guest, Robert Halfon MP, the Minister of State for Skills, Apprenticeships, and Higher Education, to our Harlow service centre. This visit marks a significant milestone for us at Auto Windscreens, reflecting

We have a short video featuring Minister Halfon. In it, he sheds light on the pivotal role our apprenticeship programme plays in the vocational education and skills training landscape. His commendation of our efforts not only celebrates our existing initiatives but also underscores the critical importance of apprenticeships in cultivating a highly skilled and capable workforce.

We are immensely grateful for Minister Halfon's visit and the opportunity it provided us to highlight the tangible impact of our apprenticeship scheme. His endorsement serves as a powerful encouragement for all of us at Auto Windscreens and reinforces our mission to invest in the talents of tomorrow.

Please take a moment to view the video and join us in appreciating Robert Halfon's supportive words and recognition of our apprentices' contributions. His presence was a profound acknowledgement of our shared values in fostering excellence and skill across the sector.

Robert Halfon talks about apprenticeships at Auto Windscreens

Video of Robert Halfon MP, highlighting the apprenticeship programme at Auto Windscreens