Celebrating 169,000 webchats

Team jazz hands - social.png

We’re celebrating handling more than 169,000 webchats with a special fifth birthday party and the launch of our AI chat bot, ‘Brian’. Our webchat service launched with just five agents in 2017. Due to increasing demand, we now operate a ‘Nights’ team and is available seven days a week.

Claire Church, Director of Service Delivery, explained: “Our team handle an average of 190 chats a day, almost three times the number since we first started, and 86.6% of customers give us a ‘5-star’ satisfaction rating. The AI chat bot was named ‘Brian’ by the team, after Brian Holmes, who founded Auto Windscreens, 51 years ago.

“‘Brian’ will enable us to handle 50 consecutive chats at any one time and provide an initial response to our 30 most common queries, 24/7, 365 days a year. It ensures our agents can focus on helping with more complex requirements and offers a ‘hand over to a live agent’ option at every step, to provide customers with a choice and the best service possible.”

In the first 12 months of operating the webchat service, agents handled 14,603 chats, compared to more than 69,000 since May last year. Volumes have grown significantly since the pandemic, and the busiest day to date, with 395 chats, was 1 June 2021, whose month also saw the team handle a record 7,884 chats.