No ‘need for speed’ - Road Safety Week

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Dive into the world of road safety with Shannon Lomas, our Fleet Manager, as she outlines our key strategies for a safer fleet -

As a company with more than 400 fleet vehicles, road safety has always been a priority for us. We want to help protect our drivers, other road users and the general public, as we focus on fixing glass damage and getting our customers back into their vehicles.

In order to do this, we introduced video telematics technology from VisionTrack in 2017, and more recently, upgraded to 5G cameras, which work as forward-facing dash cams, too.

This technology improves driver behaviour, highlighting any harsh braking, sharp cornering or speeding. The cameras on our vehicles also feature speed sign recognition which serves as an important reminder to our drivers to keep to the limits.

All our data is analysed, which gives us an overview of a driver’s profile, enabling us to keep track of patterns of behaviour or potential safety issues. Our drivers are also given overall safety scores and appear in a league table, which helps incentivise good driving behaviour, encourage improvement and reward the highest performers.

Video evidence is provided for any dangerous driving ‘event’, indicating where positive intervention, such as extra coaching, is needed. The cameras support our drivers to think more carefully about their actions behind the wheel, and they’ve proven their worth, as since 2022, speeding events have reduced by 5%.

Road safety isn’t just important during Road Safety Week – it’s on our minds every single day, just as it should be.